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About Dream It Do It

Look around you.  Almost everything you see was manufactured:  the laptop you’re surfing on; the chair you’re sitting in; the shirt on your back; the phone in your pocket. Today’s jobs in manufacturing are less about assembly lines and more about technology.  They require skill, innovation, and a commitment to quality.  85% of the manufacturers in the United States are having difficulty filling open positions in their companies.  The Dream It Do It program was created to educate the next generation workforce about careers in Advanced Manufacturing.

Manufacturers in Western New York provide great career opportunities. Those opportunities are available right now! Dream It Do It Western New York seeks to provide Allegany, Cattaraugus, and Chautauqua County manufacturers with the employees that have the skills and training required to fill exciting career opportunities in manufacturing.


For Students

Whatever your passion, there’s a great job waiting for you in manufacturing! Whether it is aeronautics, computers, art, chemistry, or automobiles, there’s a great job for you in manufacturing.

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For Educators

Whatever it is young people are passionate about, be it cars, computers, music, or art, they can find a great career doing it in today’s modern manufacturing.

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For Parents

What energizes your child? Cars, computers, music, movies, the outdoors, or outer space — whatever the passion — modern manufacturing offers an exciting career for young people. Rewarding employment that PAYS!

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For Manufacturers

Manufacturing is a critical part of our regional and state economy. Help us develop your future skilled workforce. As you know, the industry is facing many challenges — global competition, retiring baby boomers, negative stereotypes — which only increases the need to spread the truth about today’s manufacturing.

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What people say about Dream It Do It

“The Dream It Do It program has done more to promote STEM than any other initiative available…..It is a pleasure to be involved with the continued development of a program that is so successful in fulfilling its goal of promoting careers in STEM for our future workforce.”

Hugh Freeborn
Former Director of Engineering,
CUTCO Cutlery Corporation

“I’m a big believer in the Dream It Do It Program because what it’s doing is providing education to describe what US manufacturing is all about.  It is amazing to see the science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and the advanced skill sets that it takes to make the products of today.  When you expose that information to the next generation of students you have to overcome a mindset that manufacturing is just like it was in the 1920’s: a dirty dangerous environment; and that’s the farthest from the truth.”

Former Congressman Tom Reed
23rd Congressional District of New York

“Dream It Do It has been the key linkage between our company, our schools and the community, connecting us with the talent we need to innovate and grow our business. I can walk anyone out on the floor of our facility, introduce you to each employee and what you will find is that there is a story about how Dream It Do It played a role in helping us connect with almost every one of them.”

Chris Napoleon
Napoleon Engineering Services

“Our number one challenge is finding a skilled workforce. Dream It Do It is a critically important initiative in helping our company develop a skilled workforce in that it connects students and educators with the world of manufacturing. Without Dream It Do It we would struggle to build the relationships we need to build our workforce.”

Dale Gier
DRG Consulting

“An important aspect of our workforce development efforts is connecting with our schools. We see our local students as critically important to building our workforce now and well into the future. We have supported and partnered with Dream It Do It because the initiative has helped bridge our plant to the community, the schools and the training system.”

Anna Dibble
Plant Manager,
Cummins JEP

“The Dream It Do It initiative in concert with the Manufacturers Association of the Southern Tier was with us every step of the way as we developed the P-TECH program. Today, the organizations work in partnership with us to inform our programming as we strive to keep it relevant as technology and processes advance, help us understand the workforce needs of the region’s manufacturers and provide projects and work experiences for our students.”

Bill Smock

“When we think about ways to creatively connect our students to job opportunities in our community, we think of Dream It Do It first. The program has implemented engaging opportunities for our students to explore manufacturing careers and it has helped our teachers and counselors develop a deeper understanding of the industry.”

Rick Moore
Former Superintendent,
Olean City School District