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For Parents

A career should be more than just picking up paychecks. It should be a passion!

What energizes your child?

Be it cars or computers, music or movies, outdoors or outer space — whatever the passion — modern manufacturing offers an exciting career for young people. Rewarding employment that PAYS!

Today’s advanced manufacturing is a high-tech industry requiring skilled and talented people. The industry has changed. It’s not your father’s manufacturing any more.

In fact, manufacturing:

Pays average wages and benefits of about 20% more than the average compensation for the rest of the workforce. (Learn more on the Cool Jobs page.)

Employs more than 14 million people in the United States.

Continues to drive the economy by making the highest contribution to economic growth of any sector.

Is responsible for more than 70% of private sector research and development.

Creates a wide range of advanced technologies that cut energy use and lead to a cleaner environment.

Is a knowledge-based industry powered by computer technology.

Girls in MFG 2024 - MTI - mother and daughter

Why Manufacturing?

Manufacturing is the third largest industry sector in the Western New York region. The five-county region of Western New York including Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Erie and Niagara County served by Dream It Do It Western New York (DIDIWNY) includes over 1,615 manufacturers, employing 70,000 people and generating $26.8 billion in manufacturing shipments per year.  Manufacturing in the WNY region accounts for 12% of the total workforce which is well beyond the 8% national average. Over the next 10 years, industry estimates indicate that, due to retirements and growth , there will be a substantial shortage of qualified employees to fill this gap. Without a concerted effort through a private, public and education partnership to address the manufacturing workforce demand, the Western New York economy will be devastated, leaving manufacturers unable to produce, grow, and meet the challenges of competing in our global economy.

Among the priority skilled job categories are welding, machining, electro-mechanical technician, mechanics, quality assurance inspecting, and electrical and production operations. The average salary in these roles is $50,000 in addition to health insurance, retirement and paid vacation benefits.

An up-turn in the economy, compounded by the re-shoring of manufacturing has helped the sector rebound and gain strength in Western New York.  A reinvigorated manufacturing sector will require a skilled workforce to continue this growth pattern. Dream It Do It Western New York (DIDIWNY) is addressing the workforce needs of manufacturers through the coordination of stakeholders and resources.

While manufacturing offers a great career opportunity, companies struggle to find the workers needed. We need to your help!

What does this mean for your child?

It means that now more than ever, manufacturing provides opportunities for young people to follow their passions and be financially rewarded in many varied careers demanding highly skilled, educated professionals.

How Can You Help?

Review career opportunities with your child. From determining your child’s interests, to selecting a college or university, to preparing and searching for available manufacturing jobs in the region, you can help your child make the right decisions for his or her future.

Talk to your child’s teachers and counselors about how he or she can get started on the right path now.

Encourage your child to take math and science courses starting in middle school, as advanced manufacturing is driven by technologically. Math and science are fundamental to understanding manufacturing. Computer programming skills should be studied, as well, due to the importance of computer-aided design, engineering and manufacturing programs (known as CAD/CAE/CAM) in product development and machine tool operation. For students with a firm grounding in the sciences, the opportunities are vast. Encourage your child to take STEM courses and consider a career in advanced manufacturing.

Help us spread the word and be an advocate for careers in advanced manufacturing.

Request a presentation at your workplace or organization.

Request a plant tour of a local manufacturing facility.

Volunteer at a DIDI event near you.


Education & Training

Talk to your school counselor and your teachers to learn about technology education opportunities at your school.

Begin exploring manufacturing career pathways, technology certificates and degree opportunity in the region. There are a wide variety of options close to home. You can affordably get the education you need to start a great career in manufacturing, at a variety of great educational and institutions in the region.


Who is going to get this done?

Supporting and growing our manufacturing sector will be achieved through private, public and educational partnerships such as Dream It Do It. We are all in this together and you can be part of the solution. By partnering with Dream It Do It, you have the opportunity to introduce your students to excellent career opportunities in the manufacturing sector. There are educational pathways available right here in the region that can help your child access affordable, high-quality education that leads directly to career.
If you are interested in getting involved contact us.