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There are many exciting careers in manufacturing. Explore more information regarding really cool job opportunities and how to get ready to start your career.

Here are the steps you need to consider:

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To learn more about career opportunities in manufacturing you can call your local Dream It Do It Coordinator or speak to your school counselor or teacher.


Job & Salaries Overview

Exactly how much money can you make in manufacturing? Western New York manufacturing has plenty of opportunities and employs workers at a wide range of salaries.


  • pays average wages and benefits of about 20% more than the average compensation for the rest of the workforce.
  • employs more than 14 million people in the United States.
  • continues to drive the economy by making the highest contribution to economic growth of any sector.
  • is responsible for more than 70% of private sector research and development.
  • creates a wide range of advanced technologies that cut energy use and lead to a cleaner environment.
  • is a knowledge-based industry powered by computer technology.

Note: List is first year starting salary.

​Accounting - $43,783
Administrative Support - $32,994
Assembler - $32,313
Biomedical Engineer - $43,112
Chemical Operator - $35,987
Chemical Technician - $37,913
Chemist - $40,041
CNC Machine Operator - $30,097
Computer Hardware Engineer - $60,159
Electrical Engineer - $62,530
Electronics Engineer - $61,941
Engineering Manager - $97,579
Engineering Technician - $39,221
Fabricator (Metal & Plastic) - $30,904
Industrial Engineer - $56,973
Industrial Engineer Tech - $43,840
Lathe Operator - $33,813
Machinist - $38,169
Machine Setter & Operator - $29,973
Purchasing Agent - $45,657
Sales Representative - $49,638
Shipping/Receiving - $26,403
Software Developer - $65,164
Tool & Die maker - $44,374

Education & Training

Talk to your school counselor and your teachers to learn about technology education opportunities at your school.

Begin exploring technology certificates and degree opportunity in the region. There are a wide variety of options close to home. You can affordably get the education you need to start a great career in manufacturing, at these great institutions in the region.

High School:



Job Hunt

Prepare Your Resume

What exactly is a résumé?
Your résumé is simply your written snapshot—a word picture of the unique combination of skills and qualities you offer an employer. Employers screen résumés in between 2.5 and 10 seconds, so your résumé should quickly capture the reader’s interest. There is an art to résumé writing. When learned, it can open doors to unlimited career opportunities. Since your résumé is your representative, make certain it is a good one by learning and applying the principles of first-class résumé writing.

What is its purpose?
Since résumés are screened in such a brief amount of time, it is imperative that it capture the reader’s interest and spark a desire to speak with you personally. It is as simple as that. Your résumé’s job is to land an interview! However, it must allow a prospective employer to quickly and accurately perceive who you are, what you do best, what you want to do in the future, and how you can benefit the company’s interests! The challenge is how this can be effectively accomplished in a concise manner.


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