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Since 2009 STEM Wars has been an event that has brought together close to 1,000 students on an annual basis to compete with a variety of projects built at their home school. Students compete with projects such as catapults, CO2 cars, mousetraps, robots, bridge structures, maker projects and cardboard projects. At STEM wars students compete in on-site programs including a science challenge, math challenge, roller coaster challenge, video challenge and interviewing challenge. Projects and an on-site programs vary from year to year. Over 40 local businesses and organizations attend the event to discuss their products and services. Manufacturers bring product samples and set up interactive displays. Students are required to visit vendor booths to qualify for prizes.

STEM Wars provides a great opportunity for students who are involved in STEM programming to compete and demonstrate their skills. This program is an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the talents of these students and connect them with local manufacturers. STEM Wars provides students with an opportunity to better understand careers in local industry and learn how their skill sets are applicable in today’s manufacturing workplace.

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