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DIDI 2.0

DIDI 2.0 is designed for students in high school. While the Dream It Do It Manufacturing Club model is an effective approach to working with students in middle school, we have found that high school schedules are often intense for students as they have a wide variety of extracurricular activities that they pursue. A better way to approach high school students has been through an organized series of scheduled events. These events include: 
  • Conversations with professionals from the manufacturing meet with and talk with teens about their careers.
  • Visiting college campuses (using CNC machines, lathes, labs)
  • Engaging in hands-on activities and projects at local training facilities
  • Touring the facilities of manufacturers in the region
  • Job shadowing with various professionals in manufacturing
The goal of DIDI 2.0 is to present teenagers with the opportunities in our area, make connections with local professionals, learn how to apply for a job, realize their strengths, and eventually intern with a local company.
The culminating event will be a two-week paid summer internship with a local company, where teens will be given a manufacturing-related problem to solve and be asked to solve it!  Teens will meet with company managers, interview staff, tour facilities, gather information, and work toward a solution to the problem. This opportunity is basically a two-week interview that could potentially lead to future internships, clarity on college pathways, participation in a co-op and hopefully help these students find their passion.
DIDI 2.0


Interested in an internship? Dream It. Do It. can help you pursue one! Dream It Do It Internships range from engineering and welding to accounting and business. If you’d like to pursue a paid internship, apply today!