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Build a Dream It Do It Manufacturing Club

DIDI Manufacturing Club

Dream It Do It (DIDI) Manufacturing Clubs provide out of school science technology engineering and math programming. The clubs provide opportunities for students to engage in hands-on activities with real-world relevance. Through the club model, local manufacturers interact with students on a project basis. The clubs help students identify if they have a passion that is relevant to career opportunities in manufacturing. Through the club model, students learn about those manufacturing careers and the pathways that lead to those opportunities. The DIDI Club Champion is the key to success of the model. The DIDI Club Champion may be a teacher, counselor or administrator who facilitates the club meetings and activities. The Dream It Do It Program Coordinator supports the DIDI Club Champion providing guidance and support in the club development and club continuation.

Build a Dream It Do It Club

Who is going to get this done?

Supporting and growing our manufacturing sector will be achieved through private, public and educational partnerships such as Dream It Do It. We are all in this together and you can be part of the solution. By partnering with Dream It Do It, you have the opportunity to introduce your students to excellent career opportunities in the manufacturing sector. There are educational pathways available right here in the region that can help your students access affordable, high-quality education that leads directly to career.